We are an advertising and media services agency.


Online advertising, outdoor, TV, radio, print, social media management and website design & development.


Search engine optimization (SEO), ongoing website maintenance, public relations and event management.


Whether you’re a small business or a larger organization, we can scale services to fit your budget.


By operating remotely and partnering with other media vendors we’re able to provide our clients with large agency services at small business-friendly budgets. We work with small businesses who have the need, but often feel they don’t have the budget to hire an advertising agency. We also work with larger clients who are used to working with an agency. South End Media’s clients know they can count on us for superior client service and the ability to react quickly and effectively to market changes. We work closely with our clients through the entire creative process. Attention to you and your message is what we’re all about.

The South End Media story started in 2001.

That’s what we do. We tell our clients’ stories. We believe businesses virtually live and breathe. Your message is an ongoing story about your people and your customers. Our job is to help tell that story which sells your product or service the best we can using every tool in the media world available to us today. And there’s a lot available to us!

That’s what makes it so much fun doing what we do and why small businesses find a need for our services. The media and advertising world is in a state of near constant change. Even we sometimes find it hard to keep up, so we know it’s hard to run your business and stay on top of these trends.

South End Media, LLC was founded by Kurt Muhlfelder near the end of 2000 after a successful 17-year radio career. He’ll tell you – If you’ve been in business long enough, “You’ll see just about everything.” Our team has guided clients through many good times. That’s actually pretty easy. It’s when there’s turmoil and uncertainty that our experience truly counts. We’ve guided our clients through many challenges from 9/11 to the Great Recession and now the Coronavirus pandemic.

Let us help tell your business’s story. We can effectively communicate your message to stimulate customers to act. Ask about our successes.


    • Online Advertising: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Social Media Ads, Email Marketing
    • Print Advertising: Newspapers, Magazines, Direct Mail, Promotional Items
    • Radio Advertising
    • TV Advertising
    • Outdoor Advertising: Billboards, Transit Ads, Signage, Banners
    • Website Development
    • Website Management
    • Social Media Management
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Public Relations
    • Event Management

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Websites & Search

Your website is usually the first impression a customer gets of your company. Does yours invite them in or send them running away? Our experience includes building brand new sites, “renovation” projects and ongoing website management. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the most necessary parts of your marketing plan. When someone Googles your company, do they find you, or do they find your competitors? SEO makes you competitive with your competition.


Everyone wants to be on television. Ad Age magazine called TV “the original social media.” Despite the fragmentation caused by broadcast TV, cable TV, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, TV is still king of the media hill and it’s more affordable than you think. The challenge today is finding where your customers are watching TV. Broadcast TV still has millions of viewers every day. Cable TV and streaming services can be targeted right down to actual neighborhoods. We work very hard to make sure your TV advertising stands out through both excellent production and campaign placement.


In-store open houses. Large outdoor multi-day winter events. Full event coordination, sponsorship sales, event marketing. We’ve done all of it.


Much maligned in today’s world: newspapers and magazines. Well, as was once famously said, “I’m not dead yet.” Newspapers, magazines, direct mail and flyers can still deliver.

Social Media

You know the names: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp. Billions of people are using these and other social media services every day. E-mail newsletters quickly and efficiently reach your most loyal customers. Never have we been so connected. Never have you had more opportunity to interact directly with your current and future customers. We create original content and manage multiple social media platforms daily for our clients.

Media Placement

So many choices. Where do I advertise? How much should I spend? It’s a big puzzle. We make sure wherever you’re promoting your business, the pieces fit together. Does your TV complement your social media? Are these the right days to publicize this offer? For a business owner busy managing a company every day, it’s near impossible to stay on top of a marketing plan. And we know one of your biggest annoyances: Salespeople. We become your gatekeeper. South End Media works very hard with the client and media to find the right mix and the right budget to get your message out.


Radio? 92% of Americans still tune in at some point each week to traditional radio. South End Media was born in radio and we still love to work in it. When done right, it still may be the most effective medium for advertising – creating the theater of the mind that makes listeners act. It isn’t just your advertising that needs to be creative today. You have to choose the right stations and have the right campaign.

Public Relations

PR is when we use unpaid and earned media to tell the public your story about your accomplishments, product launches and ideas. We establish media relationships to present your company in the most positive light. Unfortunately, public relations is also about damage control when you need it. It doesn’t happen very often, but we’ve been there to help clients through a crisis. You’ll be glad you had a partner next to you in those moments.


We admit it. We don’t know it all. But we have forged relationships with others in the creative field. If we can’t do it, we know the people who can. We built South End Media to be a media company that offers you an effective and efficient way to market your message. This allows us to offer you a wide range of services in all media within a budget that fits your business. If you don’t see it here, ask us. We can do it.

Our Work

South End Media has created a range of advertising in multiple media across a wide variety of businesses, including retail, financial, manufacturing, business to business and more.

Here you’ll find some of our “greatest hits.”  Contact us about your next advertising campaign.

Television Spots

Poker Run TV Spot

Grass Drags TV Spot

Capital Well TV Spot

Website Design & Development

Radio Spots

Poker Run Radio Spot

Fireside Living Radio Spot

Home Beautiful Radio Spot

Print Design

A-1 Environmental Services Rack Card

A-1 Environmental Services Rack Card

We created this card to announce A-1’s merger with G&F Septic Service. Included was an offer and information about A-1 to introduce G&F customers to the company.

Boss Power Equipment Poster

Boss Power Equipment Poster

Boss Power’s 10th Anniversary included an all-day event. This promotional poster was created to spread the word in the store, and was paired with local radio ads.

Market Days Motorcycle Show

Market Days Motorcycle Show Poster

This eye-catching poster was created to advertise the annual Market Days Motorcycle Show in downtown Concord.


Get ready for #Lynx and #skidoo 2025 at our client, Boss Power Equipment in Rangeley, ME!Here comes Ski Doo and Lynx 2025! Have you seen this QR code anywhere in the Rangeley Lakes Region the last few days? You can scan it here and see what’s coming for 2025 on Tuesday. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting until Thursday, February 22nd. Why would you wait? Get ready to see them! Get ready to order them! #SkiDoo2025 #Lynx2025 #reveal #springorders #riderangeley #snowmobilelife #RangeleyMaine. ... See MoreSee Less
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